Author of the Theory of the intellect

The author of the Theory of the intellect – Theory of the agreement is an Ukrainian born in April 21, 1955 in the city Korez in northwest of Ukraine. This settlement is not very big, for the modern times, but it has very long history that officially begins in the year 1150 when for the first time Korez it was re indicated in the documents of the Rus of the Kiev as a prosperous city.

The castle renewed and finished near 1390, the very ancient churches, a feminine convent of the 15th century and many ancient ruins about the city formed a historical environment where the young persons might understand very easily those who are and to feel the very strong connections with his forbears of his people. This was the base to form a correct point of view for many extreme things that happen in the life of a person.

On having finished the secondary one and parallel the art school follows the universidad in, also, the very former city of the Ukrainian northwest, in the city Lvov. In the moment to enter this university, old and noble, two ways arose. One that was a mode of the 70s to be a physicist and traditional other one to be an architect. A little time happened and the young author received in 1977 of architect in the Technical University of Lvov, but nuclear physics and astrophysics remained as a passion of the youth forever.

In a moment of the development of the idea of the field of the intellect, it put in clearly that this idea, of the existence of a thin creative matter by no means, might turn out to be alone in the mind of an architect, in the mind of a person who was devoting itself with all his force to search and form the vital architectural environment for the people, improving in this way the life, but the knowledge of the physics helped very much in the calculations of the field of the intellect, in the construction of the model of the atom, helped to develop the ideas and the calculations of the field of the intellect of the matter, from the simple molecules up to the movements of the field of the intellect of the matter in the scale of the Universe.

To beginning of the decade of 90 Ukraine reached the independence after her precipice of Soviet Union, of there there appeared the possibility of going out of the country to see the world. Then, the autor move in 1996 the Argentina where it lives in this moment. Already in the Argentina there were formed the concepts, ideas and the manners to calculate the potentials of the field of the intellect and the way was found for the application of this knowledge to improve the intellectual and physical life of the people and to explain many things that are still externally of the scientific knowledge.

For reason that for the passage of time accumulated a great quantity of materials of investigations, the author of the Theory of the intellect with a moment understood that all this accumulated knowledge is much more serious of the well-considered thing previously, stopped worrying with the publications to do all good and correctly. But come the moment to present these investigations and the discovery of the matter dies of the field of the intellect to the people who looks for something new and serious. What the author of the Theory of the intellect – Theory of the agreement goes to expire with very much pleasure thinking that this work is going to open the new horizons in the human thought.

Buenos Aires, year 2013.                                     Valentín Mamotiouk


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