Theory of the intellect and Sumerian disk

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 “The field of the intellect, scientists of the planet Geia, the origin of the terrestrial civilizations and the Sumerian disk.“.

The Volume 7 corresponds to the chapter 8 of the publication of the Theory of the intellect – Theory of the renowned agreement “Some mysterys of our world”. It has been thought to present in this volume some ideas to clarify the problems in different sectors of the sciences, using for it the knowledge of the work of the field of the intellect. In the Volume 7 it began and it was continuing the accumulation of the solutions of the problems of the past of the human beings, of the present and something of the future that cannot clarify the modern science.

There am thought that this volume is going to be extended because in modern epoch there is too many quantity of not clear cases of the human life that appear as the mistery and jointly that go on to hands of the persons who use the ignorance of the people for not very good intentions, because the modern science cannot give the argued well response. In the  “The field of the intellect, scientists of the planet Geia, the origin of the terrestrial civilizations and the Sumerian disk.”. the effort was demonstrating to clarify a mistery of the past and was speaking itself of a very ancient renowned appliance ” Sumerian disk” that does not have idea for what intention was done, that it means and the one who did this appliance. There are many ideas and theories on this topic, but none has foundations on real bases to give explanations and all these theories seem to be prone to fantasizing.

To clarify the problem of the Sumerian disc, there will be used the ideas and information calculated of almost all the parts of the Theory of the intellect, because in these explanations it will touch the basic knowledge of the field of the intellect, the problem of appearance of the modern human beings, the problems of astronomy, the problem of appearance and the development of the human terrestrial civilizations, the existence of the planet Geia that was neighbor of the Earth and many more interesting things. With this work was catching on not only the origin of the Sumerian disc, but the existence of the extraterrestrial beings was confirmed by serious information in the Earth in not such a distant past, the truth of the island Hiperbórea and the continent Lemurias, the Atlantis was located correctly and one was presenting very much more things to understand the reality of the past and not to float in the fantasies formed of the religious arguments and that appear as the last and absolute truth for the creators, but these theories correspond more to the ignorance than to the wisdom.

This small appliance of the past, it offered the possibility, using the ideas of the Theory of the intellect, of understanding and explaining correctly a great problem, the problem of the appearance of the human modern being and the appearance of the modern civilizations. All the information and ideas presented in this work will be confirmed by the scientific knowledge of different sectors of the modern science and not for the “sacred writings” of different peoples of the Earth. In this work there will be looked the reality of the life spent from the human beings.

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